What is Numerology?

Our life and whole Universe what we see physically is actually a vibration and energy. This has been proved by certain scientists and the scientific world believes and operates in terms of energy and vibrations. Will share some examples to make it more clear.

Mechanical Example :

All of us drive two wheeler, four wheeler and different kind of vehicles. Here in the engine we put fuel ( Petrol/Diesel ) This fuel is exposed to high heat and inside the engine piston starts bouncing and a vibration is created hence energy is generated and with the help of this energy our vehicle moves on. This is a positive vibration or a positive energy. Now when there is an accident… two vehicles collide with each other and a vibration is created , due to this vibration the energy created destroys  the vehicle or people travelling in the vehicles. This is also a vibration which is created but is a negative vibration. In both the cases vibration is the key which we can use it in a positive way or a negative way.

Biological Example :

The day a baby is conceived in mother’s womb mother feels a different kind of vibrations within her body to start with the process. The baby is alive for 9 months in the womb with the vibrations of mother’s heart. When doctor does an Ultra sound it’s the vibration of the baby which the equipment records and then it is decoded into medical language and a report is flashed. The day baby is born when the baby cries for the first time a vibration is created and the mother knows and recognizes her baby by the sound vibration. This happens with any living being human or animal. The day somebody leaves for heavenly abode doctor first checks the person heart and pulses if there is no vibration then the person is declared dead. Hence LIFE IS A VIBRATION which we are living on. Like the above example entire Universe is a Vibration. While we understand this vibration and energies in and around us we need to understand that all the energies are always not good. All the vibrations are always not good.

  • All Vibrations and energies are not good for every individual
  • Definitely few energies are always good for an particular individual
  • How do recognize the different energies and vibrations

Long back in Greece these energies were identified after a lot of research but were very difficult to explain it to general public hence each energies were identified by numerical numbers from 1 to 9 so that its easier for us to understand the energies and vibrations. We have an idea what does no 1 denote and what does no 2 denote and it goes on. So study of these vibrations in the language of numerical is NUMEROLOGY.

The date on which we are born is number, our first date to school is a number, we have a house no, we have vehicle number, we have roll number, serial no , we say we have passed 10th in first division but actually this is a result which is derived from the number we have scored in 10th exams…. So from the day we are born till the date we are alive we are circulated by numbers everywhere hence energy and vibrations are everywhere. Using these numbers to identify an individual’s energy we identify energies with numbers from the date of birth of a person we can ascertain the individual’s characteristics, career path, financial journey, relationship, marriage compatibility, partnership compatibility and also we can read the predictions for next few years.

Study and practice of Numerology helps an individual to understand his/her core energies and vibration levels what is good for an individual. It also reads what are the good energies and bad energies for an individual. We try to understand these vibrations and suggest remedies to enhance the good vibrations and slowly release the vibrations not suitable for an individual.